Spray Foam


Spray foam insulation provides rapid efficient insulation with no mechanical fixings. Excellent adhesion to any surface ensures seamless thermal insulation for even complex and iregular structures. Spray foam provides both structural stabilisation as well as draught proofing. Robust and durable Isothane’s range of spray foam insulation offers high performing long lasting solutions.

Our spray foam insulation range, includes our LABC accredited and BBA approved spray foam Duratherm®, which provides the best thermal insulation, draught proofing & building stabilisation in one application. In addition to its thermal properties, spray foam also provides a degree of sound insulation by reducing the transmission of air borne sound.

Our polyurethane spray foam insulation products are suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial properties. They are also suitable for other structures including marine applications. Their closed cell structure means that they provide buoyancy and waterproofing where required and are ideal for use in areas prone to flooding or wind driven rain. The application method enables them to be used to insulate irregular shapes and surfaces.

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