Rain Water Catchment

Rain Harvesting System

Whether in drought or in bloom, we need to find better ways of using water. Rain harvesting not only helps conserve water, but it keep moisture and pests away from building foundations, helps reduce energy costs associated with water use, reduces topsoil runoff and stormwater pollution. Rain harvesting systems can pay for themselves in less than a year with water savings. Also, rainwater can be stored indefinitely for non-potable use. If rainwater is to be used for drinking water, a potable-grade filter must be used.

Greenworks remodeling carries a complete lines of sustainable water products intent on helping people build sustainable futures. Used in conjunction with rainwater tanks, the products are relatively maintenance free, simple in their operation and help ensure your rainwater harvesting system delivers superior results.

Before installing a rain harvesting system at your home or business, please check state and local regulations for restrictions and/or permit requirements.

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